NUS Business RAG 2018

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RAG Day is famed for its parade of dazzling floats created by the different NUS Faculty Clubs and Residential Halls. These awe-inspiring floats are constructed using recycled materials to promote environmentally friendly practices. In addition, the students will put up an array of spectacular performances such as dance and cheer. NUS Business School, in particular, has traditionally excelled in the RAG & Flag event, making it one of the hallmarks of the school’s success. About 210 students stay in school for one month to build up the float structures and rehearse their performances. In 2017, NUS Business School clinched the following awards: Best Float, Best Costumes and Gold Award (RAG). Some 10,000 students, including friends and family, are expected to be present on this day, which will be covered by the Singapore press.

From July 1, 2018 12:00AM - August 12, 2018 4:00PM

Deadline for sponsorships: June 1, 2018 12:00AM

Note: All dates and times are in the Singapore timezone.

Location: Utown, NUS

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This event is organized by Ryan Teo. For further information, you can contact: Ryan Teo.

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We are keen on discussing with potential sponsors how we can benefit them and the value of our offerring. Do contact us if you're interested.