All In! Young Writers Festival 2018

What's this?

All In! Young Writers Festival is an annual gathering of aspiring young writers between the ages of 12 and 25. It links youths with experts and professionals from writing-related industries, to meet mingle and share their expertise with today's young writers. All In! is a mixture of masterclasses, stand-alone workshops, capsule training sessions, and panel discussions, sprinkled with writing-related performances, exhibitions and screenings. Sponsors can come in to provide 1) monetary support; 2) in-kind support, such as prizes for online and submission-based competitions; 3) sponsor students to attend; and 4) sponsor merchandise.

From March 16, 2018 6:00PM - March 18, 2018 2:00AM

Deadline for sponsorships: February 28, 2018 7:59AM

Note: All dates and times are in the Singapore timezone.

Location: SCAPE Level 5, 2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978

Who's participating?



Who's organizing this?

This event is organized by Singapore Book Council. For further information, you can contact: Carlo.

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Open for negotiation

We are keen on discussing with potential sponsors how we can benefit them and the value of our offerring. Do contact us if you're interested.

Festival Supporter

Partners provide support in terms of prizes for online and submission-based writing competitions.
BENEFITS: Logo Placement on Website/Collaterals; Acknowledgement during the Festival

Value: $500
Sponsor A Young Writer

Sponsors can support their preferred school to send delegates to the Festival.
BENEFITS: Logo Placement on Festival Website/Collateral; Acknowledgement during Festival

Value: $1000
All In! Merchandise

Sponsors can support printing and making of All In! merchandise to be given away for free to delegates.
BENEFITS: Co-logo Placement in merchandise; Logo Placement on Website/Collaterals; Acknowledgement during Festival

Value: $3000