Propulsive Football (PROBALL) Organized by Takuya Nagata

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April 1, 2019 3:00 AM

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December 31, 2019 3:00 AM

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August 31, 2019 3:00 AM

Saitama (Tokyo metropolitan), Japan and global locations.

The world's first ever mixed football facilitating the spirit of equality and diversity of the society. "Propulsive Football" Propulsive Football (PROBALL in short) is the games that take football as a roots, considering gender equality, diversity, safety and etc. In addition to "men & women", combinations such as "adults & children", "people without disabilities & people with disabilities" can be combined as well. The rules are designed in the way that you can enjoy as well as seriously compete. If you have played association football (soccer), you can participate without hesitation. The league is getting established in Japan. Activities are launched in Barcelona, Spain, the major centre of football in the world, and it’s also highly rated by local football people. In the league organised: It is the mixed match of men (adult) and women (any age). Definition of men (adult) here is male Over 14 years old. Boys Under 13 years old can also play as women. This will allow many categories to participate in the same match. So it will be easier to find players to form the team. With the rules newly created, football is safe and competitive at the same time when different categories play together. And importantly, Propulsive Football can give good impact for better society. The web page is as follows. “Propulsive Football” The highlights of activities at Barcelona and Japan are as follows. You can see the points of sports in a short time. (In Youtube, there are uncut footages containing detailed explanation by voice.) Highlights: Youtube: Instagram: Facebook: A high level of social significance of Propulsive Football, that everyone can interact beyond genders, generations, handicaps, etc. and enjoy as well as compete seriously and safely, has been demonstrated again in actual match. It is advantageous on the offensive side because relatively space can be secured in the area where the ball is. Since field players can also use hands in the air, it is more dynamic and the score rate in the air near the goalmouth also increases. There are many scoring opportunities, and highly entertaining sports for players and audiences. While creating the mixed codes, efforts were made to enhance safety without losing the attractiveness of football, and we have provided the rules as described below. Safety enhancement measures: 1, Boots with metal studs and/or blades are prohibited to reduce injuries due to stamping. Playing with training shoes is also allowed. 2, Heading is prohibited and hitting by hand is introduced instead. This greatly reduces the possibility of head collision in the air. (It would also be a training to make physical contact without fear in the air.) 3, Since the center line is introduced and men & women (adults & children) are divided to the right and left, men & women (adults & children) wouldn’t collide in the theory of the rules. Therefore, it is safe even if everyone plays seriously. 4, Although both men & women (adults & children) are allowed being the goalkeepers by the rule, selection of the goalkeepers should be made with attention to the safety as they may receive strong shots. How to count points for the matches: The point system: Win. 6 Draw with goal(s). 2 Draw without goal(s). 1 Loss. 0 As mentioned above, we set up the rules, so that everyone who will participate can enjoy it to the utmost. The international rules with the assumption of international matches for the mixed of men & women are as follows. International rules: This project facilitates people in the community interact with each other regardless of genders and generations. It is convinced that this will contribute greatly to the development of society by further deepening the team's ties, family ties and ties of adults and children in the communities. In the match, men & women (adults & children) are positioned on the right and left, and pass each other at times and move in conjunction as 1 team. In order to carry out the match smoothly and score, it is necessary for men & women (adults & children) to have great combination, common understanding, cooperativeness and teamwork. Also, men & women (adults & children) can naturally learn the importance of cooperating with each other beyond genders and generations and deepen the mutual understanding and ties by exercising together without sparing effort towards the same goal. It is the purpose and the dream of this project to make the world better by realising social themes while enjoying such as gender equality, diversity and safety of sports through the exchanges in serious matches. The support for the Propulsive Football project would be very much appreciated. Thank you very much for consideration. Kind regards, Takuya Nagata Propulsive Football (PROBALL) Spanish site: Japanese site: Thank you very much. Kind regards, Takuya Nagata Founder of Propulsive Football Career: Once played association football (soccer) for one of the biggest football clubs in Japan. Retired at very young age and moved to England and graduated with University degree. Having worked as sports journalist, football coach, Sports Consultant, Researcher and Communication & Marketing consultant in various European countries such as Spain. Plays Rugby Union since moving to the UK and investigate between codes of football. Used to attend London Japanese FC and London Japanese Rugby FC regularly whilst in studies. Knowledgeable in creative and online industries as well. Founder for “MINIЯISM”, art movements, contributing to development of societies such as ecology and lifestyles. Founder of the “Propulsive Football (PROBALL)”, the first ever competitive mixed Football encouraging the spirit for equal participation of the society. Understands English, Japanese and Spanish. Volunteer Experience: Football Manager, Coach. Coaching football for children in troubled area of London. Some players had really bright talents. However many of kids in the team were affected by local community and its environment, and had problems with behaviors. Evidently very few parents ever visited or attended their kids to our matches. We’ve had a lot of challenges but it was very meaningful to keep young generations out of street troubles. And also happy to have been able to bring up young kids developing into Academy of professional clubs.





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