Who are we?

starknicked (pronounced ‘stark naked’) was founded in 2015 to help people strip life down to focus on the bare essentials - trust, relationships, and the search for meaning. We design card games and board games that bring people together to have meaningful face-to-face conversations where intention, inspiration, and intimacy can grow.

What do we offer?

3 decks of smol tok chosen from the following options (in any combination): - smol tok basic deck - dun tok cok booster pack - breadcrumbs booster pack

Expected Deliverables
Programme overview of how the smol tok decks will be meaningfully used/facilitated/integrated in the overall event. Objectives of using smol tok and description of how effectiveness of using it will be measured. Pre and post event social media posts using relevant smol tok hashtags. By the end of the event, to meaningfully give away the cards to participants.

How can you apply?

Group/event must involve/engage at least 20 participants, not including the organising team. Group/event must must be registered under a relevant NUS faculty/authority.

To apply for our sponsorship, you'll need to answer a few questions.

  1. When did you last play/use smol tok? What was your experience like?
  2. How do you think smol tok will be a useful/meaningful tool for your event? What's your desired outcome?